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Labour Solutions offers concrete, driveway, brick, blacktop, and asphalt paving services.

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A pruning process refers to cutting off dead leaves from a plant after they have decayed and turned brown. Pruning and trimming are challenging tasks that need to be carried out at the appropriate time of year, based on the type of plants to be pruned.

Therefore, the plants can reach their full potential by removing dried and stray parts. As a professional gardener, you need to ensure that you have access to a variety of pruning tools that can provide you with leveled pruning for multiple types of plants.


The act of hedging is the practice of trimming down plants into geometrical shapes. This makes the yard of an owner of a landscape attractive and gives the yard an appealing look. If you are a professional landscaper, ensure you possess well-organized hedging skills and the right landscaping tools.

There are indeed some plant species that can’t be hedged without the assistance of a professional. So, you can leverage this in your service package as a star service that you can include in your service packages.

Leaf removal

Fall and spring are the seasons when leaves are most likely to fall to the ground. Giving lawn maintenance services such as leaf removal regularly, whether raking or blowing, is possible.


Having overgrown trees and hedges can make the outdoor space look messy and difficult to use. By cutting back the overgrown areas, you can make the space more appealing and encourage the client to spend more time there.

Yard cleanup

The main focus of many lawn care professionals is to maintain a clean and appealing appearance for the area around their establishments by emphasizing their yard waste removal services. It’s true that some businesses provide this service alone, but most offer it in conjunction with more extensive lawn bed care.

Garden waste, such as branches, leaves, stems, and other plant materials, can ruin the beauty and appeal of your garden. Therefore, it continues to be an essential landscaping service that customers rely on.

Lawn aeration services

The purpose of lawn aeration is to prevent the soil from compacting by poking holes in it. In other words, it means that the soil is prepared in such a way that it is easier for the roots to absorb water, air, and all other nutrients needed for healthy growth.

Aeration is one of the simplest gardening tasks, so it doesn’t take much time to complete. Although landscaping services are convenient, they are still highly demanded, and landscaping service providers generate significant profits from them.

Lawn protection services

To prevent diseases from affecting the plants, lawn protection services carry out safety measures. Plant diseases like fungus, grubs, and brown patches commonly affect garden plants. 

The professionals who are in charge of handling this service request can charge a high price from the customers to perform this service. 

The entire process of eradicating disease must go through around six to seven steps to be completed successfully. Therefore, this service can only be performed at certain times of the year.

The weather change is a significant reason why some plant diseases may occur on the garden turf. 


There might be a similarity between mulching and pruning, but the services serve entirely different purposes. The plants and the entire outdoor space gain an aesthetic appeal while gaining water retention benefits.

Using mulch as a water retention method involves the control of weeds and the insulation of roots. Customers will require this service at least twice a year, depending on their outdoor lawn plants.

Lawn mowing services

A well-mowed lawn makes the yard look neat. Various mowers will be brought in and set up to meet the client’s needs based on the grass type. As they mow the grass at specific heights, they consider all variables. 

Hedging and spring trimming are often combined with lawn mowing. When you offer the same service package to your customers, make sure you advertise it at a lower price than the cost of each service.

Lawn bed maintenance

For a lawn to remain healthy, it is crucial to maintain the lawn beds periodically. 

Garden beds must be maintained on time to prevent damage to the ground cover. It involves shifting twigs, removing stray branches, and removing leaves, among other tasks. 

In addition to weed control and tree trimming, the lawn care professionals will ensure that the ground cover is pruned and the soil is enriched.

Spring maintenance

There is a lot of clutter all over the garden land in the spring and fall, so it appears to be an untidy and unmaintained garden. As part of the fall or spring maintenance of an ordinary garden, this type of maintenance is known as bed edging, in which the ground is deep cleaned and borders are trimmed.


Dethatching yard cleanup is required when the roots of grasses become clogged with the stems and leaves of existing plants in your garden. As they grow, these leaves stem from a layer of thatch on top of the soil right above the grass, and thatch is what they are called. Using this stem and leaf removal service, you will ensure that the roots have access to nutrients and water to thrive